Editorial Policy: Eruditio – Educatio is a multidisciplinary double-blind peer-review journal of social and pedagogical sciences, publishing high-quality articles in 4 issues annually. The journal aims to provide an international forum for the publication of original, novel fundamental research and applications-based investigation topics, interpretative reviews and discussion of new developments in human sciences as listed below: Paedagogy, Languages, History, Etnography, Sociology, etc.

Requirements: The manuscripts with high standards of scientific quality are published in Eruditio – Educatio [further referred to as EE]. This is ensured by subjecting each paper to a strict assessment procedure by members of the Academic Editorial Board which includes renowned academics form several countries.

The review is based on the justification of the technical and quality (meritual) criterias. If one of the basic technical criteria is not fulfilled the paper should be rejected.

Technical criterias:
• The paper should be well and clearly written

  • The manuscript should be within the scope of EE

    • It is favorable if there are papers published in EE on a similar subject

    • The bibliography and the references should be up-to-date

    • The manuscript should fulfill the IEEE plagiarism requirements

  • We prefer studies in English, however, we welcome manuscripts in Hungarian and Slovak and German language too

Quality criterias:
• The paper should be an original and research-based study

  • The manuscript (its content as well as its references) should be up-to-date

    • The manuscript should be understandable (easy to follow)

    • There should be new results in the manuscript (except review papers)

    • The authors should be acquainted with recently published journal papers

    • The manuscript should have a potential to stimulate further research

Any paper should meet the following Formal Requirements before submission:
Manuscripts should be submitted in editable format (.doc; .docx) and should be addressed to hnagyp@ujs.sk
Manuscripts should be minimum 12 and maximum 20 pages [Times New Roman 12; from cca 40 lines per page].
The manuscript should contain the following items [exactly in the same order as given bellow!]:

  • title

  • subtitle

  • Author’s name

  • an English Abstract of 100 to 250 words;

  • keywords (3-8)

  • main text of the study

  • conclusion

  • acknowledgment of financial or advisory support may be given

  • the Author’s name, including: his/her scientific titles; his/her professional affiliation [e.g. University, etc.], postal address, and e-mail address.

As to the Sources or Bibliography references:

We prefer intertextual references rather than footnotes, which mens that bibliography references should be put as intertex references, e.g.: text text text (Bloom 1956: 15-16) text text text.

A list of bibliography should be put the end of the study.

A complete bibliography references should appear in alphabetical order in the following manner:

  • Book

Author(s) full name (Year of Publication): Book title, Publisher, Location.
Example: Kaplan, Karel (2005): Kronika komunistického Československa. Doba tání 1948-1956. Barrister & Principal.

  • Study in a Journal:

Author’s full name (Year of Publication): Paper title, Publication name, Volume, month and year, Inclusive page numbers (pp.)


Pešek, Jan: Maďarské udalosti roku 1956 a Slovensko. Historický časopis, 1993, č. 4. pp. 430-442.

Review Process: Submitted papers are reviewed by national and foreign referees. The refereeing is done by anonymous reviewers.

Phases of the process:
• Format requirements checking
• Plagiarism checking
• English language pre-review
• Double-blind peer-review
• English proofreading

The editors have the right to reject any manuscripts without justification if it does not fit into the policy of EE.

Copyright policy: By submitting a paper to the Eruditio–Educatio, the Author acknowledges that the copyright of his/her paper thereafter belongs to the Editorial Board of the Eruditio–Educatio. Any further publishing of the paper requires a prior written consent of the Editorial Board of the Eruditio–Educatio, represented by the Editor-in-Chief.

The Review Form is accessible bellow.

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