About the Journal : Impressum

Eruditio – Educatio (ISSN 1336-8893) is a scientific journal published by the Faculty of Education of J. Selye University, Komárno, Slovakia. Address: Pedagogická fakulta Univerzity J. Selyeho, Bratislavská 3322, SK-945 01 Komárno, P.O. Box 54 · Tel.: +421-35-3260-725+421-35-3260-758 .

Year of foundation: 2006

Former Editors-in-Chief:
Prof. PhDr. Margit Erdélyi, CSc. (2006 – 2010)
Dr. habil. PhDr. József Liszka, PhD. (2010 – 2015)

Editorial Board 

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. habil. Péter H. Nagy, PhD. (hnagy.peter@ujs.sk)

Journal Manager: Dr. habil. Barnabás Vajda, PhD. (vajdab@ujs.sk)

Language Editors and Translations:
Dr. habil. PaedDr. József Keserű, PhD.
Mgr. Klaudia Pauliková, PhD.
Dr. phil. Mgr. Attila Mészáros
Dr. habil. Barnabás Vajda, PhD.

Technical Assistant: Bc. Mária Bartal
Financial & Project Coordinator: Ing. Beáta Nagy

Eruditio – Educatio is published in both a printed and online version. The printed version is supported by the “Financing the Culture of Minorities” programme, a scheme sponsored by the Office of the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic. Printed copies are not for sale.

If you have any inquiry regarding this website of the Eruditio – Educatio, please contact the Journal Manager, Dr. habil. Barnabás Vajda, PhD. at (vajdab@ujs.sk).